Vintage, the slap bass

Vintage, slap μπάσο

A solid piece of oak we had in our hands and was treated with a old fashion tecnique to shows old, leaving a white shade that changes tones over the wood lines. The bridge is classic but fully adjustable, nickel and comes from Fender. The color contrast in the body came from the pickguard made from wenge and gave us the basis for electrics that came from EMG.

Magnet soapbar active, one volume and one tone and output on the pickguard. The knobs for the settings are fully transparent with black digits. The arm is entirely made of maple and has double action rod and keys of nickel made by Fender.

The body is well balanced and the fingerboard of very fast, ideal for playing slap with full sound, impressive sustain and volume, a bass with a modern classic look!


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