TeleMan guitar

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In the question when we have to stop an action, we never had an answer. So another Tele contruction joined us. Made especially for a boy called Manos. The Tele-Man.

A two-tone walnut who arrived in the lab, pull the trigger. The cream-chocolate variegation of wood, gave the stigma of the construction. The excesses in a Tele style guitar does not fit in our taste and the choice of a pickguard from wenge was our only intervention. The rest remained simply classic. A classic ashtrade bridge made of nickel with zinc barells, standard setting in intonation every two strings, a set of Wilkinson pickups desinged to produce the traditional Tele sound, nickel plate with a volume, a tone treble knob and keys with rotary lock nut -too conveniently. The neck is made of maple with rosewood fretboard and inlays of white pearls.

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