Tele Deluxe

Tele Deluxe, η απόλυτη!

Let’s see with another view the project “TeleCaster”. A fine single piece of mahogany was found for the body of the guitar & for the first time we used natural shellac for more protection without gagging as the glaze. The result came with a velvety feel and an orange shade. The neck is made of maple with amazing waters and a rosewood fingerboard with inlays of white pearl. Bridge’s black, full adjustable, a set of Gibson proBuker pickups, a classic nickel plate with volume, tone and a fivefold switch. Keys black with rotary lock nut made of Sperzel -very high quality and very low weight.

Strings of Vintage Gibson entered, the signal of proBuker was loud and clear with multiple options, high sustain and simply the instrument is our best Tele moment! TeleDeluxe was the choice of Lefteris Christofis to play with in our instruments presentation in BETON7!

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